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Definitions & History

Who are the main victims?

What are the main forms of exploitation?

Learn more by downloading this free guide to the history of sexual exploitation in Italy.



Human trafficking is one of the most serious and brutal forms of human rights violations. Modern slavery that deprives people of their freedom and dignity! 

More than 49 million * human beings around the world are trafficked by criminal organizations, sold and traded as commodities and exploited for profits.


In Italy alone there are at least 120,000 victims of prostitution (Giovanni 23imo Association, 2016), placing it among the first countries in Europe for commercial sexual exploitation.


Since 2020, Covid-19 and the global consequences of this pandemic have put people at greater risk of human trafficking.


We are living in a historic moment in which we must continue to fight for the rights of all people and restore their freedom and dignity.

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