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Italy is one of the top destination countries for victims of sexual exploitation.

It is also used as a transit country for victims coming from Eastern Europe and West Africa.


The high demand and lenient laws make Italy a perfect place for this criminal activity to flourish.



The term Treasures was coined by VT to refer to women victims of sexual exploitation to highlight their value in our eyes and in the eyes of God.

Vite Trasformate was founded in Bologna in 2011 as a project of Nuova Vita Church with the aim of fighting exploitation and raising awareness on the issue of trafficking.

For many years, the pastor of the church had a burden for the women he saw every evening in front of the church premises and throughout the city of Bologna, who were forced into prostitution.

After a few years of faithful prayer, some volunteers moved by the same burden gathered to do research on the problem of sexual exploitation in Italy and to develop an intervention plan to combat the phenomenon.

So, on December 10 of 2011, VT's first street outreach met the first "Treasures".


Since then, Vite Trasformate has continued helping and supporting Treasures in their path to empowerment and social reintegration, while raising awareness and training others on the subject of human trafficking.

Flower Bouquet

Vite Trasformate is a ministry of Nuova Vita church in Bologna.

As such, we identify with the values exemplified in the Gospel.

To find out more, download our foundational values below.


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