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Our Safe House

After 10 years of experience, we have learned that often those who want to escape exploitation are unable to take this step because there are no places to seek refuge and feel safe.

Every woman deserves freedom and dignity, not chains of exploitation. Let's fight against human trafficking, protect the rights and honor of every human being.

Ragazza che funziona nel campo al tramonto


For this reason, we dreamed big and opened Nella Casa Ruth, our long-term shelter and recovery program for survivors of sexual exploitation and vulnerable women at risk of trafficking.

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Mani che tengono il piatto di legno


Nella Casa Ruth provides a safe and family-like environment that women can call home and where they can receive holistic care to finally begin RESTORING their HOPE, DIGNITY, AND FREEDOM! Here, they will acquire and practice new strategies to develop basic living skills in a welcoming and supportive environment.


donna d'affari

Our Program

Our restorative, long-term Day Program fosters and empowers each women’s educational and employment potential. The goal is to fully equip them with the necessary therapeutic and life skills to rebuild a healthy and thriving life.


"I have finally received a permanent and regular contract at a hotel..."

"I was able to get my driver's license after many months of study..."

"I was able to rent an apartment, managing to cover all the costs by myself..."

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Helping Hands

Get Involved

Become part of Nella Casa Ruth’s family! Being part of this fight is really important and you can do so in many ways!
Find out how and fill out the form to join our team! 


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Support the restorative work of Nella Casa Ruth!  You can make dreams come true even from afar, by financially supporting those who are on the front lines!

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